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[png] 01CLA-Standard.png [get md5sum] Thumbnail of 01CLA-Standard.pngpng24442.4 KB2006-Dec-22First
[png] 02CLA-Acard.png [get md5sum] Thumbnail of 02CLA-Acard.pngpng376458.8 KB2006-Dec-22 
[png] 03CLA-Convo.png [get md5sum] Thumbnail of 03CLA-Convo.pngpng21418.1 KB2006-Dec-22Last
[] README [get md5sum] 11390.0  B2006-Dec-22 
[ebuild] contact-lookup-applet-0.10.ebuild [get md5sum]ebuild354908.0  B2006-Dec-22 
[patch] gaim-1.1.1-remote-open-convo.patch [get md5sum]patch3622.9 KB2006-Dec-22 
[old] gaim-integration-1.patch.old [get md5sum]old114.9 KB2006-Dec-22 
[patch] gaim-integration-2.patch [get md5sum]patch1549.1 KB2006-Dec-22 
[dir] thumbs [3 Files]  148.4 KB2006-Dec-22 
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