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[c] beattest1.c [get md5sum]c317.5 KB2006-Dec-22 
[c] beattest2.c [get md5sum]c3887.6 KB2006-Dec-22 
[] Makefile [get md5sum] 353308.0  B2006-Dec-22Makefile for senddbussignal.c and senddbussignal-glib.c
[c] senddbussignal-glib.c [get md5sum]c492862.0  B2006-Dec-22Similar to senddbussignal.c, using Glib, working
[c] senddbussignal.c [get md5sum]c481658.0  B2006-Dec-22Test case to send out a signal on the session bus, not working
[c] spectrumtest.c [get md5sum]c4332.7 KB2006-Dec-22 
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